You can easily obtain British Columbia PNP, provided you must meet all the eligibility requirements for a particular visa category. The PNP often invites applicants from various streams and mainly, there are three visa streams that brings out new immigrants, namely, Skills Immigration, Express Entry BC and Entrepreneur Immigration.

If you want a faster way to become a permanent residence in British Columbia, you can opt for Express Entry system. This system is so well organized to invite thousands of immigrants and settle within the province. In order to be eligible for this system, firstly, you must accept a valid job offer letter from a BC employer. The job must be listed in National occupation classification for BC PNP. Alongside, some pre requisites you must follow as mentioned in the following:

  • You must have at least two years of work experience in your occupation.
  • You must be eligible to perform duties of related occupation.
  • You must show that you can support yourself along with your dependents in the province of British Columbia.
  • You must meet minimum Language requirements to immigrate to British Columbia and gain a visa. For that, you are required to attempt IELTS exam which marks you out of 9 bands.
  • You must have a wage offer in line with BC wage rates for occupation.

Thus, British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada which has laid down certain eligibility criteria to select right applicant who can contribute towards the growth of economy. To start with Express Entry, you need to create a profile under this system. As PNP operates a point based system under which you will be given points on the basis of your age, education, work experience and other applicable factors. You need to select the right path for yourself.